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Get your business listed with us. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A VEGAN OR OWN A 100% VEGAN BUSINESS. Many of our companies listed are non vegan, nor are their products or services entirely non animal based. They do, however, offer at least one item that is cruelty free & vegan.

When you get your business or service approved & listed on, you are conveying to customers that your company acknowledges that people, the planet & animals must be respected & protected.

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"We are a young furniture business committed to broadening the market & perceptions of high-quality furniture built from reclaimed materials. 

Within days of joining the VeganDesign network, they referred a customer to us who made a substantial set of purchases. This large sale was directly attributable to the alignment of our business mission with this customer’s strong vegan-centered worldview. 

As a business, Joining VeganDesign.Org has helped us not only deepen our understanding of our design niche & find opportunities, but - importantly! - VeganDesign has directly helped us increase sales.Thank you!"

  Michael J. Hirschhorn mebl | Transforming Furniture


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"Getting my business listed with VeganDesign.Org, 100% shifted by business. We have a strong like-mind community and are learning how to reach compassionate consumers." - Marisol Hernandez, Owner of ExcitingWindows

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Change is happening. Consumers are making noise & demanding less toxic & cruelty free, socially conscious products.

" is dedicated to education regarding the devastating practices within the design industry. Through spreading awareness, trends and practices , we will shift towards a new all-encompassing standard that respects the planet and all of its inhabitants." - S. Campbell  

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Fashion Designers That Have Pledged To Be Fur-Free:

Designers Who Are Fur Free
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Getting listed on VeganDesign.Org, shows others your commitment to kinder, healthier alternatives.