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Learn a Cruelty Free - Sustainable Design Specialty

The world is making noise and joining the healthy, ethical movement. Why haven’t you?

Get Certified in a Cruelty Free/Healthy Design Specialty. No more competing with the giant design firms. 

Our course graduates are diverse. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A VEGAN OR RUN A VEGAN BUSINESS. This course is a specialty to add to your existing services like a LEED, staging or color consultation specialty. It is an ADDITIONAL SKILL to your current services.

The online Cruelty Free Accelerator Certification Course includes everything you need to know about vegan & healthy, ethical design. You'll be fully prepared & educated to gain today's customer seeking healthy, positive, clean & ethical environments for themselves, their families & especially their children. The training is quick. It can be completed in as little as one full day.

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" is an organization dedicated to educating designers on the devastating practices with the design industry. Through spreading awareness, trends and practices will shift towards a new all-encompassing standard that respects the planet and all of its inhabitants." - S. Campbell

The online Cruelty Free Accelerator Certification Course includes everything you need to know about cruelty free, healthy design. You'll be fully prepared & educated to financially grow your business while having purpose & saving animals, laborers & the planet. Plus it's quick. It can be completed in as little as one full day! Become your best self & grow your customer base.  

Tell Me More About the Cruelty Free Training

  • What is It? 

The Cruelty Free Training Accelerator is a "step by step" online course. The training shows you how to add cruelty free, healthy design to your existing services and become educated about the skins and hides manufacturing process. The course is accredited for 7.5 CEU's 

  • Who is It For?

The training is for anyone seeking to gain more clients, reach the ethical customer, save animals and learn about healthier, vegan and sustainable design options. The training is for those wanting to add a cruelty free design specialty to their list of services and credentials. 

  • How does it Work?

It's a simple process. Watch the training videos, all in stunning HD format and complete the action items. The course can be done entirely on either a desktop, tablet or mobile device. Upon completion you receive a certificate and 7.5 Accredited CEU's along with additional perks listed below.

  • When Does it Start?

You're in control. The training can start the minute you'd like if that is your preference. Since it's an E learning platform - online, you can access the course anytime, anywhere in the world, 24/7. You can complete one part at a time or finish the entire course in under a day. There are 4 videos and one bonus video. 

  • Why Does it Exist? 

We created the training out of demand from ethical, health driven and compassionate consumers. Thankfully they are forcing our industry to make change. We are the only training of its kind ANYWHERE in the world. There are no certifications that educate professionals about the importance cruelty free, vegan design and how to use this credential. Our course teaches you to meet the needs of this customer and we do it in extreme detail. 

Here's Why You NEED to Get Educated About Cruelty Free Interior Design!

Well being & Optimal Health are what customers want in their spaces. It is the trend in design globally. Learning how to distinguish which materials and products are not laden with chemicals and other poisons are key to your business. 

As a business, you must understand and have the know-how to reach this customer or you will lose out to your competition. It's a necessity, as a professional, to learn about gentler, safer design alternatives for children and adults.

The world is on a great mission! Today, more than half of consumers search for brands & companies that are socially & ethically conscious.  

Sustainability, cruelty free, vegan & compassionate are mainstream terms in today's world and you must have a complete understanding of these terms and lifestyle

 A Few of the Many Course Perks

  • 7.5 CEUS Accredited by IDCEC. If you're a member of ASID, IIDA, IDCEC, IDC, DSA & NCIDQ, these credits are valid for CEU submission. 
  • Interactive Design Community. Access to our Facebook Page. Join our energetic community of designers with similar ethics. Owning your own business can be lonely. Be surrounded by like minded people from all over the world. Get inspired, ask questions, generate ideas, make friends and have fun!
  • Expert Mentorship on Demand. Get your problems troubleshooted. Get direction on our bi weekly live Q & A calls and interviews, livestream sessions and 24/7/365 support.

Watch What Certified Professionals Have To Say!

The Cruelty Free Certified Training has a 5 star ★★★★★ rating & will showcase your proficiency in meeting today’s compassionate, health driven & sustainable design standards.  

An Ethical & Wellness Design Specialty is Key for Designers

More Benefits of the Certified Training 

A Certificate of Completion Display your Certification Completion Certificate on your website, social media & hang in your office. 

7.5 Continuing Education Credits Upon completion, you'll receive 7.5 accredited CEUs that are accepted by ASID, IIDA, IDCEC IDC, DSA & NCIDQ, these credits are valid for CEU submission. ASID members must earn a minimum of 10 CEUs every two years - so this online training gets you more than halfway there!

Embeddable Explainer Video The video communicates what you’re having completed the Cruelty Free training means to the viewer. It can be uploaded to your website and social media. It evokes a sense of trust & is a wonderful marketing tool.

Diana Gil Interior Designer

"I would 100% recommend this course! It opens your eyes & drives you to make a difference." - Diana Gil, Interior Designer

The Cruelty Free Certified Training Curriculum:

Part 1: The Environment & Leather Industry (approx. 45 minutes)

  • Exclusive interviews: Learn from renowned leaders, scientists & experts within the industries of interior design, planet & animal preservation and sustainability about why you NEED to learn about ethical design
  • Learn and gain knowledge about the environmental impact caused by animal skin and fur farms.
  • Faux leather vs. real leather-side by side comparisons
  • What is humane design & how it encompasses sustainability, well being & ethics.  

Part 2: The Wool & Down Industry (approx. 45 minutes)

  • Exclusive Interviews with leading investigators and renowned advocates making change in the skins and hides industy
  • Learn How the wool & down industry works
  • Discover and learn from the new breed of small compassionate companies & their success stories

Part 3: The Fur & Reptile Industry (approx. 45 minutes)

  • Gain knowledge in the environmental impact caused by animal skin and fur farms.
  • Learn how vegan alternatives benefit individuals with allergies
  • Learn how humane options benefit those with sensory processing disorders (spectrum of Autism)
  • Faux fur vs. real fur side by side comparisons
  • Why humane alternatives are ideal for well being & personal awarenessFaux fur vs. real fur side by side comparisons Faux fur vs. real fur side by side comparisons

Part 4: Step by Step Tools To Grow Your Business (approx. 45 minutes)

  • How to start - Get step by step marketing basics from industry experts  
  • Access "done for you" tools & resources to stand out & meet the needs of consumers who are demanding healthier, ethical products.  
  • Learn how to approach clients with humane, cruelty free options with vegan design expert, Deborah DiMare
  • Learn how cruelty free options fits all budgets and all types of spaces  
  • Find out how to incorporate cruelty-free options within your spaces  

Part 5: Full Length Video Compilation (approx. 45 minutes)

  • A compilation of all video inserts shown in Modules 1-4, completely unedited and a valuable tool.  
LuAnn Nigara

"Deborah DiMare is an experienced, intelligent, successful, designer who has the capability to guide everyone." - LuAnn Nigara, A Well Designed Business Podcast Host  

Professionals from every continent have completed the online cruelty free course to advance their careers. If you're a member of ASID, IIDA, IDCEC, IDC, DSA & NCIDQ, these credits are valid for 7.5 CEU credits submission. 

By adding this specialty and credential to your existing services, you’re opening your doors to ethical customers that are seeking healthier, cruelty free design alternatives. 

Read More Training Reviews:

“The cruelty free market is the future. New generations are more socially conscious. Our business has grown tremendously & offering cruelty-free alternatives in addition to our regular services. I highly recommend the course.”



Everyone should take this course. Not only as business owners or interior designers but as human beings.”


“I couldn’t thank Deborah DiMare enough for making this course available to interior design professionals like myself and in business in general.”


Raquel Pompa
Tenille Wood

“ is an excellent resource to learn about the issues of animal cruelty in the textiles industry and to learn about high quality animal-free alternative products.”


“By taking this course you will become aware of the truly cruel and inhumane practices that occur just to get product...that we could easily live without. In today's interior design product offerings, there are tons of fantastic cruelty-free alternatives. ”


Chloe Bullock

“ is a wonderful organization that focuses on highlighting and educating us about the animal suffering involved in the interior and fashion industries. The course also provides cruelty free alternative resources that can be bought instead.”


“I am so glad I chose the ™ Certification course. I think it is important for anyone who has the power to choose products for themselves or others to know the truth behind where each product is from and how many other options are so easily available. It is our responsibility as designers to make these right decisions and educate our clients about these choices. ”



“The Vegan Design 101 Class enlightened me. All of the items covered were very real. The program brought more awareness on the process, to own animal products produced by companies for financial gain. Animals suffer around the clock for companies and individuals to profit. You can’t sleep at night knowing this is happening. It has to STOP and we all have to wake up and make change.”


“The course is an eye-opening experience in more ways than one: first, as an informational and educational guide to the treatment of animals in the leather, fur, and other industries; and second, as a resource to let designers and others know that there are alternatives to furs and skins available that can accomplish design goals without endangering the animals who cannot speak for themselves. ”



“ is passionate about educating others and wanting to change the (luxury) market for interiors and design.”


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Meet The Instructor

Deborah DiMare is an accomplished cruelty free design expert & trainer & has educated industry professionals about wellness & humane design globally. She has been the principal of DiMare Design, an ultra luxury compassionate design firm for nearly 20 years. She is an author, TV personality, educational speaker, and global influencer for the vegan & wellness design movement.  

Deborah is showing the world that no living creature, human & non, need suffer or die for beautiful furniture. She has demonstrated how less toxic, healthier, durable and luxurious faux alternatives can easily replace wool, fur, leather & other animal derived materials.  

Deborah and her design expertise & training have been featured on the Today Show, NBC, TLC and in the pages of The Huffington Post, The Hollywood Reporter, Dezeen, Live Kindly & VegNews.


Yulin Dog Festival

Dog Leather is a REAL TERM within the Corrupt, Inhumane Skins & Hides Industy

  • Animals, including dogs & cats, are raised to be slaughtered in unimaginable, torturous ways.
  • The pollution created by the skins & hides industries is enormous and has tremendous global impact.
  • Workers are also victims. They are desperate and work in dangerous, deplorable conditions. The chemicals and toxins used in these industries poison workers and surrounding villages & towns.
  • The end user, YOU & the consumer, are surrounding yourself & your loved ones with poison soaked fabrics that are absorbed in to our skin & bodies. 

But change is happening. The world is making noise and joining the humane movement. Why haven’t you?  


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A Few Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will the course help me? 

  • It depends who you are. If you want to start your own interior design business & don't know where to begin, this online course will give you step by step instructions on how to start & begin offering cruelty free and healthy design services. 
  • If you want to make more money within your business, this training will be a perfect guide on how to offer sustainable & humane services & get clients who value this type of design. 
  • If you're seeking credits, the course is accredited for 7.5 CEU's.
  • This course covers everything you need to know to get more clients & how your contribution helps save animals, people & the planet. 

Q. How valuable is the certification? 

  • The certification itself is highly valuable if you want to set yourself apart from the competition and stand out. What's of equal or more value, is the knowledge you will gain, the community of like minded professionals you will be a part of and the never ending support. 

Compassionate Design Is One of the Fastest Growing Lifestyle Movements In the World. Don't Get Left Behind!